Do you find YouTube a useful social media marketing tool?

I was reading a recent report which revealed that a total of 99% of the world´s top global brands have adopted YouTube as a marketing channel, having understood the role of video marketing for brand building. Yet they achieve different results in terms of viewership, a new study by Pixability reveals.

The report, named “The Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube”, analysed the videos released on YouTube by the worlds´ top brands, as identified by Interbrand, to see what the correct path to success was.

First of all, the study points out that frequency and consistency are crucial for an effective marketing campaign on YouTube, as they lead to an increased number of views. What´s more, videos do not need to be of high quality, as those with poorer value can produce the same effect.

According to the study, the analysed brands post some 78 videos each month, with those from the media sector publishing almost 500 videos per month. In addition, some 50% of the best performers on YouTube upload 50% more videos per channel than the bottom performers. The addition of more content, however, is more important than the addition of channels, the report says.

YouTube for SEO is another important step towards success. The study indicates that companies in the top performing quartile maintain more than twice the number of tags and playlists compared to the bottom quartile. They also do not forget to brand their videos in the video content and metadata.

Finally, the study showed that the best YouTube marketers align their online video strategies with the traditional marketing ones, and focus on sharing content via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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By Ben Hollom

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