Keeping your content fresh and appealing is a must in today´s marketing world dominated by content marketing. Coming up with quality content is not as simple as it looks, especially after a longer period of time when your creative juices seem to be drying up. Here is an idea to consider – turn to your archives, because there might be pieces of pure gold.

There are certainly topics among your old posts that are still relevant. However, reviewing them all to find out what is still topical may take too long, so you can just focus on those posts that received the most traffic. You can find this by using Google Analytics. Think about whether the information there is still current and consider ways to add more value to that post by updating it and linking it to other content on your site.

Another way to make sure users are getting the most relevant content is to add a Related Posts plugin on your site, Business 2 Community says. This way, once a user finishes reading a post, there will always be a suggestion for fresh content they may not have seen. The benefits of this are huge – users spend more time on your site, view more pages and a better connection with them is established.

Old posts could also be used to feed your social media by bringing good content back to life. You could make regular roundups of old posts by topic or Top 5 lists. What matters is that the content selected still feels new and relevant.