Are you a sufferer of the “content headache” that seems to be doing the rounds?

Content continues to be the single most important aspect of marketing these days. As many industry observers noted at the end of 2013, content marketing is maturing. A new study I came across by MSL London reveals that more than nine in ten British companies produce more content than they did last year, and almost as many predict they´ll be producing even more next year.

However, as the need for more content increases, businesses also face other challenges. The study found that the majority of companies are in fact not ready to meet the rise in demand. For example, just one in four companies have carried out a content audit. Meanwhile, only 19% of businesses have a large enough in-house team dedicated to content planning and creation. The study noted that just a quarter of the surveyed businesses thought they had the right skill set to measure the impact of content.

But that´s not all. Many companies also think they lack the organisational skills and resources to write and manage content. Just over one in five businesses said they were effectively utilising all the content residing within the company and an even smaller number of respondents defined content as “easily retrievable”.

Is your company geared up to produce content on a regular basis? Or is it just one big headache for you? While you are bound to be an expert in your field – software, property, cars, insurance, or whatever it may be – you may not necessarily be a specialist in content generation. Why not leave it to the professionals? M2 Bespoke are a dedicated team of content experts, and can be produce a variety of tailored content to suit your needs. Think of us as your “content headache” painkiller, and give our friendly team a call today.