Vocabulary for engagement

Do you choose your words carefully when posting on social media?

If you´re wondering about the sort of content you need to post, maybe this blog post will help. An infographic I stumbled upon by QuickSprout reveals that there are specific words that can help generate traffic and boost shareability across social media.

Apparently, likes, shares and comments on Facebook could be encouraged by including words like “deals”, “discount”, “amuses”, “inspires” and “warns”. On the other hand, businesses are advised to avoid mentioning “promotion” and “coupon”. It´s also recommended that the verb “comment” is used very sparingly, due to the recently introduced Facebook algorithm that aims to tackle like-baiting, Page Traffic Buzz reported.

Looking at the more business-like environment of LinkedIn, it´s hardly surprising that words that can make content appear more professional and well-educated are recommended. Bearing this in mind, try to avoid cliché words and phrases, such as “hard-working”, “creative” or “responsible”. Instead, use “accomplished”, “won”, “on time” and “under budget”. It´s also important to avoid obviously promotional words that could put off users.

Interestingly, some of the words that should be avoided on these social channels actually work well on Google+. The infographic says that content on the platform may benefit from including the words “share”, “promote”, “increase” or “discover”.

Meanwhile, since Twitter is increasingly used as a news platform, posting content with the phrase “new blog post” or words like “media” could be a winning bet for tweeters. By contrast, using “re-tweet”, “free” and “help” should be avoided, the infographic reveals.

While it may seem unbelievable that changing a word or two can make an impact on social traffic, it really can. If you need help with your social media content, or any form of online content, contact our friendly team at M2 Bespoke today. We are content generation specialists and can produce a wide variety of content – from blog posts to infographics – to suit all your needs.