Are you using Pinterest as part of your marketing mix?

Although most brands know the importance of Facebook and Twitter, many may not realise the worth of a pin.

That´s why I thought I´d share with you a recent study I came across by social analytics company Piqora. Apparently, the value of a single pin has risen by 25% compared to the final quarter of 2012. Currently, a pin on the platform is estimated to bring two site visits and six page views. On average, every pin leads to ten re-pins, the research found. In terms of absolute value, a pin generates $0.78 (£0.48) in sales. Further analysis of these figures shows that 50% of site visits are recorded within 3.5 months after the first pin and a similar proportion of sales take place within 2.5 months.

These figures are a clear indication that establishing a presence on Pinterest could be as valuable as a presence on more mainstream sites. By comparison, the average virality of a tweet is far lower, with just 1.4% of tweets being retweeted at all, Piqora noted.

Examining some 1,000 brands on Pinterest between February and October this year, Piqora concluded that the social image sharing board is maturing at a fast pace. Pinterest introduced promoted pins last month and is constantly adding new features to its boards. As a result, an increasing number of brands are adding the “Pin It” button to their websites, TechCrunch website reported.

Would you be willing to pin your hopes on this image-sharing board?

By Ben Hollom