2013 was the year that “content marketing” came into the spotlight – a concept that got everyone in the marketing world excited. In 2014, content marketing has matured, and marketers have gained increasing insight into it. It´s now become the main way brands can build and maintain relationships with their customers. However, there are still people who fall into the trap of some wide-spread misconceptions about content and its creation. Are you one of them? Here are some of the most common myths about content, according to an interesting article I came across on Search Engine Watch:

Content marketing is about the creation of tangible assets, such as a blog post or a video.

Wrong. Actually, content marketing goes beyond the individual piece of content you post online and is more about the reasons that made you create the post, the target audience you had in mind when doing this and the goals you hope to achieve with it. This is why making a plan with your objectives and a content calendar is essential. Look at the full picture as opposed to the individual piece of content.

Create good content and your job is done.

Yes, content should be the focus of your efforts, but no matter how well-written and compelling it is, it needs to reach its audience. What´s the point in having great content if no-one will see it? You need a list of distribution channels and activities that could give your content an extra boost.

Churning out content is all you need to do.

In fact, oversaturating your audience with content might have a negative effect. Quality of the content you post should always come before quantity. It´s a good idea to include various options to recycle your most successful content from your calendar by giving it a fresh twist or a new purpose, but always place your bets on the highest quality, not the largest number.

Here at M2 Bespoke, we understand that there´s no “one size fits all” option when it comes to content. That´s why we work closely with you to develop a detailed brief, and advise you on what kind of content would work best for your business. The clue is in our name: we produce bespoke content, tailored just for you, to capture and engage your target audience. Imagine having peace of mind, knowing all your content needs are being taken care of. Call one of our friendly team today to find out more about our services.