Snapchat for businesses

Are you a fan of the disappearing photo app?

Over the past year, Snapchat has slowly evolved from an obscure image-sharing app into one of the hottest social tools. Currently, it´s one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there, with the bulk of its users falling within the 13-to-35-year-old age group. However, the number of Snapchat users over 40 has been expanding recently, too.

Despite this, there are just a small number of brands using the service at present. Early-adopting brands are always known to have a competitive advantage, particularly on platforms where millennials are the core audience. Businesses should act quickly to make an impression before the inevitable influx of brands on Snapchat, Business 2 Community reported in an article of theirs I came across.

The first reason why brands should adopt the image-sharing app is that its audience is highly engaged. Currently, Snapchat has around 30 million users and over half of them, roughly 16.5 million, are active on a daily basis. In addition, research shows that almost three in four college students say they would open a snap from a brand they know. This not only creates opportunities for brands to offer promotions but also opens the door for employers to use Snapchat as recruitment tool.

The second reason for brands to consider using the app is the fact that, at present, users have to opt-in to receive snaps, suggesting that the target audience will be more receptive of branded content and snaps will have a much higher percentage of positive impressions.

Finally, brands should consider the fact that the service is still growing and it´s very likely that the platform will develop more brand-friendly features in the future. Even though these are not advanced at the moment, brands using Snapchat already report great returns, Business 2 Community concluded.

Has your brand climbed aboard the Snapchat bandwagon yet?

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