Twitter to advertise on publisher networks

It´s easy to assume that everybody has a social media account of some kind these days, but that´s not necessarily the case. However, even those who have resisted the urge to sign up are often still exposed to the different social networks in some shape or form.

But, how can you go about targeting those who´ve decided to shun these modern platforms? Well, if the latest murmurs about Twitter´s movements are anything to go by, that question could soon be answered.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the social media site is planning to sell ads within streams of tweets on other publishers´ apps and websites, thus making money from the millions of people who see tweets all over the web but don´t actually use Twitter.

Twitter is keeping its cards close to its chest and refused to comment, making visualising how exactly this strategy would be executed a little hazy.

It has been mooted, however, that possible revenue would be shared between Twitter and the publishers, as the social network attempts to drive profits through ad sales.

Although this could be an additional cost marketers would have to factor into their budget, they could expect new targeting opportunities in return.

In addition to the plans to sell ads outside of Twitter, the company´s sales team recently laid out to advertisers the plans it has for videos, which comprise encouraging users and brands alike to upload clips directly to the website.

This could play into the hands of brands that have acknowledged the power of telling a serialised story in the shape of long-form content.

How do you interpret these potential moves by Twitter? Could all types of brands expect to benefit from the ability to place tweets on third-party websites?