No one wants to be boring. We all want to be the one who can crack people up, get them talking, or get their pulses racing. But, let’s face it, that’s not always easy. And in the world of B2B, when you make the mistake of thinking you’re talking to business entities rather than people, your content is going to suffer. 

Obviously the language you use may need to have a technical edge. But it doesn’t have to be bland, and, in fact, it really can’t afford to be. If you want every last scintilla of content to be brilliant rather than a wee bit ‘meh’, then begin the journey with these quick-fire tips I’ve put together. 

  1. Never settle

Perhaps you really don’t think you’re ever boring (deluded?). Or you don’t know (fair enough). Or you simply don’t care (oh dear!). But whatever you feel, settling for what you’re already doing is not an option. So, take some time out now to check yourself. What are you aiming for today, this month, this year? What are the brands you respect and find exciting doing? For example, I love what MailChimp has been getting up to. They’ve got so much great content on their site including podcasts, films, and expert insights. How do you compare? If you’re tired and bored by your own content, then chances are that everyone else is too! 

  1. It’s not all about you

We can all be guilty of being a little self-obsessed once in a while; it’s part of what makes us human. But when we fall into the trap of telling everyone how great we are or listing our amazing product features then people are going to turn off. We all know that working out what our customers care about is the key to success. But even without asking, is any customer really going to care about us? Not really. They want to have their problems solved and lives made better. Content that can do that will never leave readers yawning.  

  1. Stay curious 

Being curious is a sure-fire way to get audiences to engage with you. The people reading your content are exactly that: people. Human beings. And creating a conversation with them and relating that back to something that resonates with them (rather than just your product) is key. 

A useful and fun way to ensure this is always kept front and centre in your content, is to develop customer personas like we did when creating the Paragon Persona Pix Interactive Card Game. Inspired by a classic family card game we all know and love, this web-based game encouraged players to think differently about customers and how communications with them could be more successful. Yes, customer communication is a serious business. But serious doesn’t mean boring! 

It’s all about asking questions and working out what motivates them. And showing them that you understand the pressures they’re under. So that when someone comes across your content, they know you really get them!

  1. Remember, you’re never too cool for school

A strong company brand built around a strong SEO strategy is a goal of many businesses. But when it gets in the way of interesting content then it can be a real turn off for readers (and the search engines themselves!). I know that looking good is important, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Instead keep your human audience at the forefront of your mind and the metrics will be sure to follow.  

  1. Smile and relax, if you can

Yes, I know it’s difficult to do and it may feel unnatural at first. But when you come across someone who’s having a great time (or at least seems like they are) then it’s human nature to want to be a part of that too. The same applies when you’re creating B2B content. We all know video is one of the most effective ways to get to the point quickly and accurately. And in the B2B world, where time is at a premium, it’s a particularly useful tool to tell your story. Sounding like someone who’s just swallowed a whole MBA programme’s worth of jargon and business speak just won’t work. So, next time you’re coming up with B2B content try to have fun with it. Or at least relax. If you’re smiling then chances are your customers will be too.

Take a look at our recent e-Book on the value of video marketing for more tips.

  1. Take the muzzle off

When businesses take a stand and voice an opinion, then people take notice. You don’t have to take a view on everything and there may be some issues you decide to steer well clear of. But if you take even a tiny risk, you’ll see it pay off in terms of engagement.

And if you’re a business leader looking to build your own personal brand then read our recent Q guide to get in the game now. You don’t need to go full-on Musk, but you’ve got to start somewhere. 

  1. Harness the power of stories 

Ever since ancient times us humans have loved a good story. And if you can capture people’s imaginations then who knows what could follow? At least no one is ever going to be bored by your content again! 

Storytelling has to be a big part of successful B2B content. So, what are you waiting for? Can you rise to the challenge, slay the dragon and live happily ever after? Why not take a quick look at our work for Icelandic yoghurt brand Skyr to see what I mean?

  1. Try something new and get people talking 

Doing something surprising is a great way to inject some life into B2B content. White papers are fine, but how about adding some video or an infographic to change things up a bit? Or perhaps all three, like Q did with leading fintech firm Meniga for a huge industry event they were part of.

B2B content is only as boring as you make it! It’s time to say goodbye to the same old, same old. And say hello to inspiring, engaging content.